The magic of a Winter Wedding at Blaithwaite

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Winter weddings simply are magical

the frosted mornings, autumnal leaves, with the fires roaring and biomass heating throughout makes our properties so warm and welcoming!

With so much space between the Mansion House and the Threshing barn you have an abundance of space, yet both buildings have a totally different feel to them.

By planning a Winter event, just as the Winter nights are setting in, you’ll have an amazing day to look forward to and memories to cherish in the years to come. Traditionally this is non-peak time for wedding suppliers so you may find it easier to find those with availability or a slightly more competitive price.

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You may also find that more of your guests are able to attend too as it’s out of ‘holiday season’ or less likely to clash with any other events.

Think of how you’d like your guests welcomed to the venue on the day, the bar can be open but it may also be an idea to offer hot chocolate or mulled wine given the temperatures outside. It adds a festive touch to your day and is guaranteed to put your guests in high spirits.

What better way to celebrate your marriage than by a roaring fire in the cosy Mansion House with seasonal decorations, we have had Entertainment for your drinks reception pitch up in the hallway, central to all reception rooms and as I always call it, ‘the hub’ of the reception; Or make use of our piano in the drawing room to

create the prefect back ground music for your time in the House. Our ‘indoors’ can be just as flexible as our outdoors.

The most intimate and romantic ceremonies can be created within the barn, light and lighting play a part in this whatever the season, but in Winter the effect is even more spectacular. Candles add warmth, in addition to the natural light flowing in, the atmosphere is beautiful. Use lighting either side of your aisle and the stone steps by the stage lend themselves to being made a feature of throughout the day. There are endless lighting options too for dressing the beams and you can create many different designs with our fantastic lighting suppliers. We highly recommend SvL lighting, Carlisle & DTL marquee and event hire, Penrith. Using the barn for your ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception really gets the use from any lighting and décor you use too! Kate decorates the estate beautifully for the festive period to if you’re thinking of a late November, December date then much of the décor will be taken care of, that may be one task easily ticked off your list.

As the lighting is generally a little more subdued during the Winter months and the days are obviously shorter, discuss with your photographer the ideal time to capture your nearest and dearest. Your couple shots are priority, so it may be an idea to arrange any group shots of guests before the ceremony, or have the ceremony a little earlier to allow the time afterwards for your photographs together. You may even achieve the magical Winters snow or Autumns golden glow backdrop too.

Winter Wedding

Food, Cumbrian food.. with a winter wedding, you’re not trying to choose a menu which will suit all temperatures. The chances are it’s going to be rather chilly, so go for a warm hearty meal; traditional, simple or something a little different but have fun creating your menu. And with all of the fantastic Cumbrian produce available, your caterer will be able to offer you some fantastic seasonal dishes.

As we are in Cumbria and the weather is, well, Cumbrian and generally rather damp, by planning a Winter wedding you are intending on focusing the day indoors from the off. So whatever the weather on the day, it shouldn’t effect any plans you have and if you do have an amazing weather day, well that’s a bonus rather than dampened spirits of a wet & grey day in Summer time.

Winter wedding sign covered in frost

For the Entertainment; the night will draw in early, people will be inside and you will have the best chance at this time of year at keeping everyone in the same place for the duration of you evening reception and you can add festive & seasonal touches such as sparklers, fire pits & marshmallows or a superb firework display. So the atmosphere of your evening reception will be astounding, whether it’s a lively DJ, ceilidh or live band you’re sure for a good night with a party feel.

An unforgettable experience for you and what fantastic pictures can be captured by your photographer too.

When it’s time for bed, then head not very far at all to our Mansion House, Stables, Lodges and Cottages knowing everyone is safely tucked up- with no driving needed and can come and say goodbye in the morning after breakfast for all, should this be what you would like.

Winter Wedding - family in stood in heart formation

Some of our all time favorite photographs & weddings, some very intimate, some very large, have been ‘out of season’ but this term really doesn’t do Winter Weddings justice. It’s always Wedding Season at Blaithwaite House. We know from experience of the wonderful couples and their efforts & imaginations ( and hours on Pinterest!) that an amazing, unique, love filled day can be created here, whatever the weather!

Kimberley Lattimer

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