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Woodland Warrior

Ever thought of your self as the next saviour of the world?

Well this is the game for you!

2 hours of action packed game play set in a dedicated woodland arena right here on the Estate. You will be emersed in tactical combat… in the safest way possible! With games such as ‘last man standing’, ‘capture the flag’, ‘VIP ambush’, ‘detonator’, and my personal favourite ‘plant the bomb!’ it’s a blood pumping activity which really can traverse the ages, suitable from ages  6-96!

Laser Tech

A great team game using 200m laser tech needing at least 10 players (5 a-side)  and up to 22 for a straight forward 2 teams, but we have had round robin style games with 80 players… For that we just had to take the mobile bar to the woods to top the day off! Suitable for family days out together, parties, hen and stag do’s, events and corporate days. Camo boiler suits are provided but not compulsory… But maybe stay away from day-glo orange for your session! Camo face paint, smoke bombs, flash bangs and war sounds or motivational music can add to the theatre of the session if requested. If you’d like to make your 9 year old team leader on his birthday – no probs! If you’d like tommy the future groom to wear a pink princess dress we can make this happen too! Some champers in the woods for your team break – lets do it!

Pain free, eye safe, highly addictive!

For more information or to book please call our office or fill in the form below. Sessions are £20 per person ( adult or child), adult and child consent forms are filled in prior to your session and kit list provided. Think paintball without the pain and bruises!


  • "Just spent the best afternoon with my son doing lasertag. 2 hours of action packed fun and games. Brilliant family time! Well organised and nice people. Thank you!"

    Sharon Heron