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Ahhh the good old annual bash provided by the boss!

So why not do something completely different?! Check out our activities page to see activity options such as woodland warrior Lasertag, bush craft, pioneering and of course team games, with some great videos that were made in 2018 for a group of 60 people.

Laser Tag

We all have those colleagues that we’d like to have in the crosshairs! Well here’s you chance! (and totally safe and pain free of course!)

We can provide not only the activities but a great conference and meeting space, food and drinks (licenced till midnight) with lots of flexible accommodation, see our accommodation page for options.

New Experience

It’s a great way to let off some steam, build confidence and trust, and think outside the box with new experiences in a safe, structured, instructor led environment.

There’s no minimum or maximum spend, and don’t forget to tell the boss how affordable it is too! Phone or email on our contact form below for a bespoke quote for your corporate event.