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Camping, Glamping & Lodges

From now till March 2021


We have a mixture of hardstanding and grass pitches for motorhomes, campervans, touring caravans, trailer tents and large & small tents with both electric and non-electric pitches available. Our toilet and shower facilities are fully heated, regularly cleaned and single person facilities giving users the highest standard of privacy and convenience.

There are dishwashing, water filling and cassette emptying facilities available. Firebowls are available to hire from the Blaithwaite office and the communal fire area is open. There are also communal picnic tables dotted around the pitches too for those who would like to use them – but please share nicely!

Checking Information

All bookings will receive an email prior to arrival requesting them to look at relevant site information, rules and regs plus Maps of the Estate grounds & camping areas are available In the maps section below. This ensures everyone has the information needed for an enjoyable stay for all prior to arrival.

Need More Information?

For more information please contact the office via email on the contact us page or telephone 01697 342319 and don’t forget to Check out our Facebook page and also our calendar on the events page of this website to see what may be happening during your stay!

Weddings and private functions, events, activities, area or facility restrictions will be available to view here. Our general rules and regs for camping, glamping and caravanning are available here too

Rules & Restrictions

We cannot stress highly enough that we are a family site, we want everybody to have a wonderful stay with us, and though you can’t please everyone all of the time, our pledge is to at least try to! Our site rules are carefully set and well thought out, through years of experience in this industry and they are for the benefit and well being of everyone, guest, visitor, locals, our team and our family alike. Please adhere to them, as if you do not, you may be asked leave, and no refund given.

Social Responsibility

We must say we cannot do this alone, and rely on the social responsibility of those staying with us to have courtesy and respect for the environment, site rules and everyone around them whilst staying at Blaithwaite. Whilst we do live here, we cannot be expected to be responsible for, and have prior forward knowledge about everything that happens and every person who crosses our threshold. (sometimes we really wish we did!) but we can say we are happy to help in any way we can during office hours and a warden is always available in case of emergencies, making Blaithwaite a safe place to camp and glamp to your hearts content.

Useful Downloads

Have a look through this information before you arrive