Undoubtedly one of Cumbria’s best kept secrets.

A hidden gem, Blaithwaite is more than just a country house. Set in 250 acres of beautiful Cumbrian countryside, this once small isolated farm cottage is now an impressive and inspiring country estate. The rare specialist trees and magnificent woodland, quaint walled rose garden, wonderous wetland area and affectionately named Mary Janes’ summer house, make our unique corner of the Cumbrian countryside a marvel to behold.

Family owned and operated, the footsteps of time have barely altered Blaithwaite through its many generations of Donald family ownership. The journey began in the 1700’s with William Donald, a local lad born not so far away in nearby Aspatria. Back then Blaithwaite was nothing but a small farm cottage with just a track as access from the local mill. The evidence of William’s adoration of Blaithwaite and his input can still be seen in our grand Grade II listed Mainhouse today, where you will find a beautiful glazed door proudly bearing his initials. As you make your way through our Mainhouse and explore our Stables, Barn and distinctive grounds you will discover that each generation of the Donald family have left their own mark on Blaithwaite throughout the decades. Each inscribed stone, paterae frieze and stone-mullioned window is testament to the love showered over Blaithwaite by the family over the last two centuries.


While exploring our beautiful house and grounds, look out for the original date stones and inscriptions – there’s always more to discover!


More recently, in 1969, Rev Dennis Donald opened Blaithwaite’s doors to the Christian faith and Blaithwaite was transformed from a beloved working family home, into a warm and welcoming Christian Centre, accommodating church groups, youth groups and Christian unions. Since then, Blaithwaite has provided a haven for people to enjoy family holidays, refreshing retreats, parties, special occasions, group events and school residentials.

In April 2014 the Donald family decided to begin the process of awakening Blaithwaite, revitalising the weary buildings and grounds and beginning to take the next steps in it’s journey.

Today we are expanding our offering and taking Blaithwaite into an exciting and exhilarating new era, nurturing a place that we hope visitors will share with us and create new memories of their own. Providing everything from archery, mountain boarding and climbing, to relaxing strolls, craft workshops and dance classes, Blaithwaite is celebrating a revival. And whether you’re looking for a place to stay with a warm bed or somewhere to camp during an action packed weekend, Blaithwaite has had the privilege of accommodating thousands of guests over the last 45 years, rest assured you’re in good hands.

As a part of this continuing journey, we have begun taking steps to ensure a more efficient and greener future for Blaithwaite, starting with the installation of new Biomass boilers as well as breathing new life into the Estate by planting hundreds of new trees and encouraging nature to thrive by introducing a new wetland area.

Create new memories with your friends and family, we truly believe you need to see it for yourselves and we hope you’ll join us on our continuing journey.


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